WOW! Fantastic Finish

“WOW! Is right! I’ve never spent so little time to get such a deep, long lasting shine on my car.”

Banker -Cape Cod, Massachusetts
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Previously only available to
pros and industry. You’ve never had a finish that’s as fast, easy and effective for your car. Use it inside and out - on every surface but the steering wheel, gas and brake pedals.

Stop brake dust from sticking on wheels. Provides UV protection for paint like tropical sun screen. Use on your windshield like water repellant products. Use on the dash and console like vinyl armor products. Use it on rubber door seals to help stop doors from freezing shut. Stop fingerprints on windows, the uses are endless!

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Granite countertops sealed and beautiful in minutes. Windows that sparkle. …..These are just a few of the benefits that I have discovered since using Nanotech WOW! The name fit’s the product.”

Crossville, Tennessee
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Free of solvents, petroleum compounds, combustible propellants and noxious gasses, environmentally friendly, WOW! leaves every surface in your home smooth, beautiful and protected. Shiny surfaces gleam as never before and matte finishes, like fine furniture, show a deep, rich luster you only saw when they were new.

Surfaces are easier to clean, because dust, spills, dirt and grime won’t stick. Use it on your stainless appliances, sink and grill. Keep your cabinets and furniture clean with just a damp micro fiber cloth after you use WOW!; no need for expensive and potentially harmful cleaning agents.

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“…. I’ve never seen anything that could completely prevent barnacles from growing like this. The potential of your polish in savings to the marine and boating industries is huge.”

Harbor Master - Cape Cod Massachusetts
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Nanotechnology delivers polymer particles that are so fine they bond to and penetrate every surface better than any regular waxes or polishes you know. Eco-friendly and UV protective, These miniaturized molecules can prevent barnacle growth!

Smoother hulls mean smoother sailing, faster on plane and big fuel savings. Use it top side for faster clean up back in port and better protection for all surfaces - even soft sides, Plexiglas and sails - from the sun, salt and soil - minimize oxidation and corrosion (CAUTION too slick for walking surfaces.)

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