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Sports Uses

Boat and Sports


  • Hull, transom, bulkheads
  • Windows, Plexiglas, soft clear vinyl
  • Side curtains, tops, sails, guy wires, turnbuckles
  • Dashboard, instruments, screens
  • Tuna towers, flying bridge components, radar superstructure
  • Radar domes, antennae, transducers
  • Props, drive shafts, lower units, trim tabs
  • Outriggers, metal fixtures, chocks and fittings, line guides
  • Anchors, chain and riggings
  • Bumpers, Side rails, moorings, buoys and riggings
  • Galley and head fixtures and counters
  • Bilge and hold surfaces
  • Stainless, brass, chrome, copper and steel fittings and fixtures
  • Reels, rods, line guides, hooks, artificial baits, sinkers, swivels, leaders
  • Trailers


  • Water skis, tow tubes, boogie boards, surf boards, wind surfer bottom, rigging and sail
  • Snow skis, sled, luge, tabbogan runners, snow boards
  • Golf clubs (except handles), golf carts, golf bags, umbrellas
  • Fishing tackle
  • Firearms, scopes, binoculars
  • Shuffle board pucks, curling stones
  • Sport vehicles

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